Friday, October 29, 2010

How I got intrested in WW2/Weird War 2

I was never really that intrested in WW2 before mid-summer 2009, though I did make a couple of minifigs for the heck of it (three american soldiers which were pretty inaccurate with SAWs and german helmets), but I never got really into it with the whole history and all that before later.

I discovered Hellboy later that year (I think) and soon Kroenen became my favorite character. I even made a custom minifig of him and my first german soldiers, but I'm not gonna make a link to those awful minifigs as I'm not proud of them right now. Though soon I got back to my normal interest which was/is modern military and all that fanboi stuff, but that's another story.

Around july 2009 (or before that) I saw the trailer of an upcoming video game (which is out now) called Wolfenstein, a game based on an old arcade game that includes a pretty cool guy who fights Nazis in WW2.

Pretty average game in other words, but it included demons, monsters and some sci-fi ish technology (such as shiny weapons, overpowered armor etc.) and I thought it was pretty cool, and even made a nice face decal of the Veil Heavy trooper (which is the coolest enemy in the game, obviously).

Around October 2009 I got my hands on a prototype brickarms MG42 (MG42 my favorite weapon if all time, next to MP5k) in purple, yes it looks a bit awkward and can remind you of something inappropriate but it was the only one I could get at that time. I took a picture of it of course, next to it is my old Veil Heavy trooper and this is also my only picture of the old version of it, the light grey on it looks pretty terrible.

Though I've been intrested in WW2 for a long time I haven't posted that much WW2 related in my stream in general through the years, I don't really have any explanation for this.

A wild Veil Heavy Trooper appears!

And more recently I made a more accurate version of the Veil Heavy trooper which I am 90% satisfied with, the dark grey makes it look much better next to other normal german soldiers instead of that awful grey torso. I'm still using the same face decal as there is nothing wrong with it, I love how it turned out back then, and still do.

And as for now I am probably gonna continue making WW2 related stuff. As something called Weird War recently got it to my mind which is very similar to Wolfenstein. And the Weird War 2 website offers a ton of ideas, thanks too Kilo in the flickr group who gave me the link.

That is all, here are some links:

Weird World War 2 website
Lego Weird and Alternate World War II Flickr group
My flickr set

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